Why this blog exists

To stealthily sneak through the infinite unconsciousness the interweb in order to discover amazing technologies available to the common mortal

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The title is self explanatory, this is the first post from your friendly neighborhood Tech Ninja. While crawling through the vast awesomeness that is the interweb, I have discovered many amazing technologies available to the common mortal. This blog will not be about cool supercomputers and gadgets that we will probably never get to use in real life, but about common (cool) things that I've found, used, and enjoyed for free (or at least a low reasonable price).

This blog will run weekly while I am at school, with few (if any) posts during christmas and summer breaks. I will also provide links to funny videos on youtube and the occasional website reccomendation, but primarily this is a page for advertizing cool tech.

One thing I'de like to share in this first post
Yeah... Awesome. That's it for now, tune in later.

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