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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Think Geek

About that last post for a while thing? Never mind...

Onto the blog...

www.thinkgeek.com, the most amazing resource for 7ech ninjas ever. I spent an hour just scouting out the site by clicking on random links. BEST SITE EVAH!!!

The first thing I'm going to share is something practical, awesome, and for the most part, completely unusable in Oregon right now. I present the Freeloader Portable Solar Charger. During the Summer (when you can actually see the sun here), you can plug it into your phone, point it at the sun, and it will charge your phone for up to eighteen hours. No sun? No problem! plug it into your computer to charge the battery in the charger, and use it as a back up battery. Happy face!

Now onto the useless geek toys.

First up, the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Replica. British people are awesome, time travel is awesome, British time travelers with a space age screwdriver? Heck yes. It has authentic sound effects, comes with a notepad, has a UV light, and doubles as a pen. I want this.

The next item is closely related, but not the same. The Doctor Who Laser Battle Set. Who doesn't love laser tag? Who? No one, that's who (I just realized how many times I used "who" in those sentences. It was not intentional). Essentially you get a replica of the laser screwdriver and the sonic screwdriver. The SDs act as both sender and receiver. You can reenact the epic battles between the Doctor and the Master. Fun times. After Christmas, I am going to try to buy all of these items.

Look around the site yourself. You will find everything from fancy laser pens to USB missile launchers to Albert Einstein action figures. This site is awesome and I cannot reccomend it enough. Go there. NOW.

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