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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

73CH N1NJ4: 7H3 L057 CH4P73R5

This was originally going to be the first 73CH N1NJ4 post, but the blog was being retarded at the moment and decided to not allow me to post it. I saved the document in word and just recently found it again. So here it is; 73CH N1NJ4: 7H3 L057 CH4P73R5. This post was supposed to come around early December.

One of my favorite things I found lately is something called IE tabs. Its a Firefox extension that allows me to render a web page in Firefox using the Internet Explorer engine. Now at first it seems rather useless, until you try to use Netflix instant viewing in Firefox. Its not compatible at all. So I open Netflix (in Firefox) with the IE engine. Now it works. Its amazing. Now I don't have to open IE to watch Netflix.

BTW on a side note, I'm using it to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951). Interestingly enough they mention a Professor Habermeyer from MIT who says its possible that the "space man" might have come from Mars or Venus. I mention this because I heard the dialogue as I read Kelsey's blog. Weird eh?

Another Extension I found is Undo Last Closed Tab. Ever closed a tab by accident? Well no more! Just right click anywhere in Firefox after you've accidently closed a tab, select "undo last closed tab" in the menu and WABAAM! Tab reinstated. Its like magic, only better. I've used this thing so many times its ridiculous.

While not really productive or anything, the next thing I have found is pretty funny. In Firefox, go to the adress bar and type in about:robots. Its pretty entertaining. See if you can identitfy all the movie references. I knew three of them. Also, look at the very top title bar of the page. Gort! Klaatu Barada Nikto! You can also try about:mozilla, thats pretty good too. apparently these are easter eggs placed into Firefox by the developers. IE is lame, they don't do eater eggs anymore. I guess they're too good for them. Snobs.

Thats about it. Mostly tech junk. Also, one small rant. I hate it when people smoke right next to a highly trafficked area. Like outside the dorm. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be 50 feet away from any building to smoke, but do people follow the rules? nooooooooooooooo... they don't. I don't care if its 10 pm, people still go outside to walk to the store to buy milk for their cereal! And guess what? They go through the doors you are smoking by. I know it’s a hard concept for some people... that people use doors to leave a building, but for some reason, everyone smokes right next to the doors. And not the back doors that no one uses, but the main doors. What the heck!? I’d file some kind of complaint, but there is no one to complain too. They had no smoking signs up at the beginning of the year, but they were taken down a few weeks ago for some reason. Clearly some people have the attention span of a hamster. Oh, the paper sign is gone from the window… that must mean the rule is gone too! Wrong. We need to post new signs, with big type and small simple words, with pictures and stuff so people get the message.


Anonymous said...

About "Undo Last Closed Tab" : This feature is already available in FF. Just go to History>Recently Closed Tabs. It's not as easy as right clicking and selecting an option, but it isn't too difficult to access.

BTW, you should really consider switching to Wordpress(http://wordpress.com), if Blogger acts foul for you.

7H3 73CH N1NJ4 said...

Well, I think it may have been a problem with my colleges internet. Myspace's blog was also being difficult at the time. I haven't had a problem since then.

I'm currently running FF3, and while FF2 did have that feature, recently closed tabs does not appear by default under that menu on my current version of FF.